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  • office glass door system
office glass door system

office glass door system

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Tempered glass sliding door data

Item Material Finished
Glass 8/10/12mm tempered glass clear color/frosted
Hardware stainless steel 304 brush finished/mirror finished

Speaking of the type of door, I believe everyone's head will emerge out of many different types of door material. Such as wood, stainless steel and glass. In our life, can be described as often can see. Give people a clean, bright visual effect.

Attention to check the details of the installation of the glass door: Due to the material of the glass is more fragile, so in the installation of the glass door we should have a good grasp of all aspects of the glass door, by checking the glass door details to determine its quality, we can Door and window fan to proceed to see if it is flat, the other can be concerned about the doorway reservation is complete and accurate, which has better attention to these details in order to create a convenient and practical life experience for us.