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The advantages and disadvantages of different materials staircase handrails

The advantages and disadvantages of different materials staircase handrails

Duplex building renovation, to be more out of a lot of renovation projects, such as talking about the stairs, just a staircase, it seems nothing, but the real renovation, you will find that there are many details of the knowledge that owners need to learn from the appearance Style of choice, to the selection location, to the size of the height. Stairs can also be divided into many parts: railings, steps, and so on.

The advantages and disadvantages of railings and handrails of different materials
1, Iron stairs balustrade
iron material balustrade isbeautiful and has diverse shapes, posted a strong ductility, can be processed into different shapes, exquisite appearance, wrought iron railings, but also with a kind of unspeakable classical beauty! But the disadvantage is that the iron balustrade handrails is with short life, corrosion-resistant!

2, Solid wood balustrade
Solid wood railings handrails, it is common in our home, usually simple and elegant appearance of solid wood, there is a calm atmosphere, it looks particularly high-end atmosphere on the grade. Solid wood railing handrails more suitable for large-sized houses or cottages. However, the best small size is not used, and maintenance of solid wood trouble, to crack the characteristics of deformation, I believe many people are aware of!

3,Glass balustrade 
Now many small-sized houses, although there is a duplex, but the area is still small, the greatest advantage of installing glass railings handrails is permeability, stairway lighting, indoor overall sense, and visual sense of space is also a little stronger! Similarly, the glass railing handrails easy to clean, a little dirty will be particularly obvious!

4.Stainless steel wire balustrade

Some people would like to choose stainless steel wire balustrade and handrail, for it is not easy to rust. But its disadvantage is some people think it is not strong enough and there is some gap for children not so safe.

Sirio always suggest glass balustrade and stainless steel wire balustrade and handrail, for they are easy to install and can fit for different space,also it is durable and not rust.

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