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Spiral staircase features

Indoor spiral staircase features

Indoor spiral staircase for the vertical space has the role of connection is essential for our home one of the functional furniture. With people's pursuit of quality of life and longing for the artistic value of the stairs has gradually been included in the scope of purchase. So now many consumers prefer indoor spiral staircase.

spiral staircase

Indoor spiral staircase material classification
There are many kinds of staircase material, solid wood, steel wood, glass, steel, marble and so on. These materials have their own characteristics.
As more and more villas, penthouses and dwelling houses enter the world of ordinary people, the staircase is no longer just a manor, castle, and exclusive property of Qionglou Yuyu. The time drives the staircase from purely functional accessories to Endowed with ornamental home decoration evolved.
Or elegant, or masculine, or simple, in every detail of the staircase, embodies the humane care, it is no longer a "connection" upstairs and downstairs, but a life-giving furniture, you can With European-style luxury, Chinese simple and elegant, but also can give the modern simplicity, grim, retro vicissitudes of life.
It not only has a profound quality, exquisite style and elegant temperament, it uses Chinese sophisticated manufacturing process to interpret the external human civilization, interpretation of the beauty of the myth or beauty of pure emotion, so that your soul was shocked , Interpretation of the ancient culture submerged by modern civilization!

1, solid wood rotating stairs
Solid wood spiral stair itself has a natural sense of warmth, coupled with a sense of comfortable feet, variegated and easy to mix with other furniture, the construction is relatively easy, it has become the first choice for many consumers. However, the price of such stairs is susceptible to solid wood prices.

2, Gangmu spiral staircase
Steel wood spiral staircase Solid wood spiral staircase, the price will be cheaper. Steel wood spiral staircase is a combination of stainless steel and solid wood, both solid wood spiral staircase has the simplicity of steel. Tradition revealed a little fashion.

3, glass spiral staircase
Glass spiral staircase is a new thing, its purchase is mainly for the more modern young people. Most of the glass with matte, not all transparent, the thickness of 10 mm or more. Such stairs are also made of wood products handrails.

4, steel spiral staircase
One of the most stylish elements on the market today. If equipped with glass pedals and railings, can reach the most popular minimalist style abroad, but the costly. Suitable for a full personality, active thinking minority. Select the steel spiral staircase is a more fashionable approach. Spiral staircase steel materials are generally painted matte surface paint, no glittering glare feeling, such materials and processing costs are higher stairs. In addition, there are also used steel wire, hemp rope stair railing, coupled with wooden floors and handrails, the price is relatively low.

5, marble spiral staircase
This material staircase is more suitable for the interior of the marble family has been to protect the indoor color and material uniformity. The general use of marble to lay the stairs, you can retain the wood products in the choice of handrails, so that the cold space, add a little warm color material. The price of such decoration mainly depends on the marble is expensive.

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