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Staircase instruction

Notes for the installation of wooden staircase in the duplex house

       Wood staircase gives people the overall feeling, match with luxurious style, decorative and strong.  is The main material solid wood staircaseis is beech,oak, rosewood, etc., durable and not obsolete. Wood staircase with the feeling of cultural precipitation,  meet the modern multi-functional design requirement, welcomed by many people.

Finished product wooden staircase is the best choice

For wooden staircase or steel wood staircase, the usual practice in the decoration is to install the woodwork after the on-site installation. In fact, this is very unscientific, because the conditions of the construction site will certainly not meet the standards of professional paint. So often the overall shape of the stairs is good, but the surface of the paint is unsatisfactory. As the saying goes, "one-third of the material, seven points painter," and finished wood staircase paint their work is done in a professional paint shop, paint the overall effect is good, the only work in the field is assembly.

Pillar spacing to be smaller
According to their own family population and age structure, the safety factor as the first factor to consider, if the family has elderly or not easy to walk, it is best to use a smaller gradient, double-arm staircase or wall armrests, do not seek for a brief moment ; If the family has children under the age of 10, columns and columns point to point spacing should be smaller or use two-step three-column, to ensure that children will not easily climb out from between the columns.

Pay attention to pricing
Stairs offer a variety of ways. In accordance with the length of the calculation, according to the number of steps, there are also parts of the stairs separately, the same stairs with different algorithms will produce different quotes. The average manufacturer is based on the number of steps calculated, the benefits of this method is relatively accurate and convenient. There are also calculated according to the length, that is, by the number of meters, the drawbacks of this method is easy for businesses to cut corners, such as one meter long fence, you can have four small posts, you can have six small posts; the same pedal, both can use 4 cm can also use 2 cm, pay attention to the contract details. Relatively speaking, each part of the staircase will be calculated separately, but usually takes time and labor.

Available non-drip rag wipe
Usually you can use a vacuum cleaner or broom to clean the surface dust, and then soaked wet wipe the rags do not drip the surface of the stairs. After cleaning the best to open the doors and windows, let the air flow, as soon as possible to dry the stairs. Do not use sandpaper, polish or metal tools to clean the stairs. Fruit juice, wine, beer and other stains with a damp cloth moistened with a proper amount of detergent to wipe; wax and chewing gum can be placed on top of the ice for a while, so that the frozen shrinkage, and then gently scrape, and then wet cloth dipped in the right amount Wipe cleanser.

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