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Mono stringer staircase

  • mono stringer staircase-40treads-190mm L shape staircase
mono stringer staircase-40treads-190mm L shape staircase

mono stringer staircase-40treads-190mm L shape staircase

  • L shape staircase
  • mono stringer stairacase
  • 40mm solid wood treads
  • 190mm riser
  • Product description: L shape staircase

 Mono stringer steel staircase is a good idea to match with our house,department,hotel,coffee shop or other interior space, since it looks simple but fashion, many people love this style.

        Mono staircase is a kind of structure adopted more in public buildings in recent years.Each step of this staircase is supported by square tube stringer.Mono staircase with good shape or nice appearance,and it is lightweight, beautiful, often used for building space modeling.

        Below is general data of staircase

Component Specification Material Surface Finish
Mono Stringer Staircase Center rectangle beam: 100*200*4/150*150*4mm Carbon steel / Stainless steel

Hot dip galvanizing/

powder coated/


Double stringers Staircase Double plate beam: 300*6mm
Double beam with u channel 300*6+300*6/300*5+300*5mm
Double sawtooth stringer 300*6mm/300*8mm/300*10mm
Spiral stair Stringer  140*4/159*4mm center post
Curved stair Stringer  Double plate beam:300*6mm
Double beam with u channel: 300*6+300*6mm
Staircase Tread Solid wooden tread: 40mm/60mm/80mm/100mm beach  wood Painting
Staircase Tread Glass Tread:  10+1.52+10mm/12+1.52+12mm Laminated glass Clear/Frosted

Staircase Railing:

Glass panels or Steel cable 

Glass panel thickness: 12mm Tempered glass Clear/Frosted
Round baluster: dia.50.8mm/38mm/22mm Stainless steel Brushed/Polished

Flat baluster:                             10/12mm single plate /    6+6mm/5+5mm double plate 

Standoff: dia.38mm
Round Handrail:dia.50.8/38mm
Square handrail: 60*30/50*50mm
Flat handrail:50*10mm
Cable/Wire: dia.4mm wire
Solid rod bar:dia.8mm solid rod 
Pipe:dia.12mm pipe(hollow)